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Ghost Sick: Women's clothing. »


I really wanted to find a black, simple, button up ‘work’ shirt to wear under all my white sweaters. Because they don’t create and retail shells/dickies anymore.

And I could not find a single basic button up shirt anywhere EXCEPT for this sheer, boxcut, high waist number with very little sleeve…

fuck, i know, I’m so goddamn sick of paying like a million dollars for some trendy little shirt when I just need a plain white piece of cloth. goddamn it. I just wish now that my work policies were less strict so I could afford the damn uniform now. stupid stupid stupid. I had to go to zeller’s (dunno if you know what that is, basically target) and buy a PLUS SIZE white shirt with like weird shimmer stripes on it and then tailor it to shit just to be able to pay less than 50$ for a shirt. grrrr

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